Require the Style Disadvantage But Worth 0 Points

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The GM insists that the character take the Style Disadvantage, but it's worth 0 points to him. This reflects the fact that the character's style will be obvious, but also reflects the GM's philosophy that new Disadvantages don't bring new points to the character.

Of these four approaches, the second choice, Allow the Character to Trade the Style Disadvantage For Another Disadvantage, is the recommended one. This approach has the advantages that it gives a point-cost incentive to learn martial arts maneuvers and yet doesn't bring the character a lot of new points out of nowhere.

Rate Of Learning

How fast should characters learn new martial arts? In the real world, the normal practitioner can earn a black belt in an average of four years. In the HERO System, that corresponds to an expenditure of only three or four Character Points per year on Martial Arts maneuvers and skills, far too slow for most adventure genre purposes.

However, also in the real world, some legitimate martial arts champions have earned their black belts in much less time; one famed heavyweight full-contact karate champion earned his in only seven months, which is more like spending two Character Points per month on Martial Arts maneuvers and Skills.

PCs who begin play with a black belt's worth of maneuvers, Skills and Elements, therefore, can be presumed to have taken anywhere from half a year to four years to earn their belts.

But when PCs are learning new maneuvers and arts, after they've already begun play, it is recommended that you follow one of these approaches:

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