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Many super-powers enable a character to resist maneuvers built with the "Target Falls" element.

When a power allows the character to resist being thrown, they also sometimes prevent him from taking damage from the maneuver. This works as follows:

If the maneuver is one where the attacker's impact knocks the target to the ground (such as Flying Tackle and some Killing Throws), the target who uses super-powers to resist being thrown still takes full damage.

If the maneuver is one where the attacker knocks the target's feet from under him (such as Legsweep and Takedown), the target who uses super-powers to resist being thrown takes only half damage from the maneuver.

If the maneuver is one where the attacker levers, unbalances or redirects the target into hitting the ground, and all the damage comes from the impact with the ground (maneuvers such as Martial Throw and Sacrifice Throw), the target who uses superpowers to resist being thrown takes no damage from the maneuver.


When a martial artist uses a maneuver with the "Target Falls" element on a character with Clinging, he must also roll and win a STR vs. STR contest: his STR versus the STR of the target's Clinging. If he fails, the target does not fall down. If he ties or wins, the target does fall.

Density Increase, Growth And Heavy Targets

If the attacker's pushed STR (whether he is currently using it pushed or not) is inadequate to pick up the target, then his attack cannot throw the target down.

The rule is intended to keep human-strength characters from Martial Throwing 700-ton mecha, for instance, but it applies to all situations using Martial Throw maneuvers, not just those where Density Increase or Growth are being employed. As always, the GM has final authority over which characters/objects are too heavy for a martial artist to pick up and/or throw.

Note the phrase ". the attacker's pushed STR (whether he is currently using it pushed or not)." What this means is that a character can Martial Throw anything he could pick up with his fully-Pushed STR, regardless of how much STR he is currently using. For instance, a STR 5 character could Push his STR to 15 and pick up 200 kg; therefore, a STR 5 character could Martial Throw any target weighing up to 200 kg. A STR 10 (i.e., normal) character could Martial Throw something weighing in at 400 kg (880 pounds)!

A Martial Throw maneuver can be built with a STR bonus from the Exert basis, with the STR bonus applying not to increase the damage done by the Throw but to add to the character's Throwing strength. Extra DC bought with the martial art with such a maneuver would either add to STR damage or to the Exert bonus, not to both (the character should choose which aspect of the maneuver is increased when the Extra DC are bought; he does not get to switch them around on an attack-by-attack basis).

The GM is free to adjudicate the effects of these Throwing rules as he sees fit; some campaign styles may call for characters to be able to Throw heavy objects; some may not.


Flight can be used to resist Throws. If the character is not currently flying, has his Flight power available to him and knows the attack is coming, he can use his Flight to resist being thrown; he will not be thrown down. However, if a character is already flying, he can't do this; the attacker is already using his Flight against him with the Throw maneuver.

Knockback Resistance

If a character has any Knockback Resistance and is prepared to use it (i.e., is not attacked from Surprise), he will not fall when struck by Throw maneuvers where the attacker's impact knocks the target to the ground (such as Flying Tackle and some Killing Throws). However, all other Throw maneuvers work normally on him.


Throws may not work on characters with completely malleable bodies—the character with Stretching simply manipulates or "moves" his body so that the attacker cannot gt leverage to throw him. GMs should adjudicate this effect on a case-by-case basis.

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