Restrictive Elements

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Element Description Maximum Element Description Maximum


-1 pt per -1 DCV up to -2 DCV

-2 DCV


-3 pts if the maneuver can only be

Take Once


-1 pt if you fall

Take Once

used following a specific


-2 pts if maneuver

Take Once

maneuver by opponent

must follow other


-1 pt if maneuver


specific successful

is at half STR,


2 pts if maneuver

Half-Move Required

-1 pt if maneuver requires character to make a half

Take Once

Take Full DMG

uses no STR -2 pts if attacker takes full damage

Take Once

move; see text

Take Half

-1 pt if attacker

Take Once


-1 pt if the

Take Once


takes half damage


maneuver's penalties last for +1 Phase

Time +

-1 pt if attack takes extra segment (landing at end of

Take Once


-1 pt per -1 OCV


next segment)

up to -2


-1 pt if opponent

Take Once

One Limb

-1 pt if Grab only Grabs one limb

One Limb

automatically attacks first in next Phase

"Take Once" means the Element can only be taken once in a maneuver. You cannot, for instance, take "Fall" three times for -3 points to the maneuver cost, and explain that you fall down three times during the maneuver execution. That's not just silly, it's rules abuse.

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