Sapphire Phoenix Style


Phs Pts OCV DCV Notes

Elephant Stomp of Ravindrath Natesh

The Hummingbird Touch Of Sasaki Mayumi

Phoenix Claw Of Azlan Irok

Sapphire Phoenix Wing-Strike /The Mantis Feint Of Li Zhiang

/ 5 +0 +2 STR +2d6 Strike The Talon Strike of Rithisak Phirun

/ 5 -2 +1 STR +4d6 Strike U Thein's Stalwart Defense

/ 4 +2 +2 Block, Abort The Tiny Dance of Vithoon Porsathunkul / 4 — +5 Dodge All

Attacks, Abort


Acrobatics Breakfall KS: Sapphire Phoenix Style WF: Common Martial Arts Weapons WF: Common Melee Weapons




Use Art with Blades


Use Art with Clubs


Use Art with Polearms


Use Art with Staff

Style Disadvantage

Style Disadvantage

The Elephant Stomp of Ravindrath Natesh only works against an opponent who is prone on the ground, which usually means that he was Thrown on the Phase before the Stomp is used. If the Thrown opponent can get to his feet before the Phase in which his attacker planned to use the Elephant Stomp on him, the maneuver cannot be used.

Optional Rules: The Sapphire Phoenix Fist and the Sapphire Phoenix Wing-Strike (an elbow strike) both take 2d6+1 hit location rolls. The Elephant Stomp of Ravindrath Natesh and the Talon Strike of Rithisak Phirun (a kick) take 3d6 hit location rolls. None of the other maneuvers require hit location rolls.

Special Abilities: As yet, neither Kevin Yee nor any of his disciples have displayed any special abilities, neither those associated with Yengtao Temple nor any others. If they were to do so, it would greatly bolster Yee's claim to possess true Yengtao knowledge.

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