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As humanity expands out into the galaxy and begins to encounter other intelligent species, the opportunity to learn new and intriguing martial arts styles will increase dramatically. After all, a potential student will now have not just dozens of styles to choose from, but dozens of worlds worth of styles, with all the variation that implies.

Of course, some types of aliens will be so nonhuman that mankind cannot learn their fighting styles, but in most science fiction universes a substantial portion of the alien races are humanoid, so humans will probably be able to study their martial arts without much problem. At the GM's discretion, some maneuvers (such as Nerve Strikes) would only apply to a single species when learned; characters would have to buy a Science Skill in the anatomy of an alien race before such attacks could be used successfully on members of that race.

One option for science fiction martial arts that the GM should consider is to limit or abolish the Style Disadvantage. In a galaxy possibly featuring thou sands of martial arts forms, a particular fighter is extremely unlikely to have in-depth knowledge of more than a tiny fraction of them. Therefore the odds are against the Style Disadvantage actually being a Disadvantage most of the time, particularly if the character travels extensively. Therefore the GM should think about giving fewer points for that Disadvantage, or even disallowing its use entirely.

Alternately, a character's KS: Analyze Style might only apply to martial arts developed by his own species; he would have to purchase the Skill for each species or region whose fighting styles he wanted to study (for example, KS: Analyze Howarian Styles, KS: Analyze Fomalhauti Cluster Styles and so forth).

Here are some examples of SF martial arts:

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