Every Martial Art Style in the previous section came with a list of Skills. These are Skills that a well-rounded martial artist of this particular style should have. Most, however, are not absolutely mandatory, as it is possible for a character to learn the maneuvers without learning all the associated Skills.

Most arts recommend a Knowledge Skill with the style. As a general rule of thumb, knowing 10 points worth of maneuvers from a style, having an 11-Knowledge Skill with the style and purchasing 1 pt Perk, "Black Belt," constitutes a black belt in that martial art.

Some recommend specific Weapon Familiarities, Acrobatics and/or Breakfall, and even such Skills as Stealth, Climbing or Streetwise, all depending on the origins and special goals of that martial art.

A Skill listed with an asterisk (*) must be bought with the art. Fencing can't be learned without Familiarity with Blades Weapon Group, and Capoeira can't be learned without Acrobatics, for example.

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Martial Arts An Introduction

Martial Arts An Introduction

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