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The terms used to define the different styles are:

Maneuvers: The maneuvers and techniques that make up the style. A list of the maneuvers used is provided below; players can also make up their own maneuvers using the rules provided.

Skills: Skills that are commonly associated with the style. Those marked with an asterisk (*) are required: the character cannot practice the style without buying them. Standard HERO System abbreviations, such as KS for "Knowledge Skill" and WF for "Weapon Familiarity," are used.

Elements: Elements are additions to the style. They include Extra Damage Classes (which are never required for a style, and so are not listed in a style's description) and the Weapons that the style teaches. Refer to the "Maneuvers And Weapons" section, below, and the "Designing Martial Arts Maneuvers"

section found later on in this book for more information on using weapons with martial arts maneuvers.

Style Disadvantage: The optional Style Disadvantage is discussed in the "Character Creation" section of this book (under "Distinctive Features"). Most styles can qualify for this Disadvantage.

Optional Rules: This section includes the optional Hit Locations for maneuvers in the style that would use them.

Special Abilities: This last section showcases some of the amazing (and even mystical) abilities that are attributed to martial artists of the style. Most of them are described in general terms only, with suggested ways to create them using the HERO System rules; players and GMs are free to simulate these abilities in game terms as they prefer.

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Mixed Martial Arts

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