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Historically, more than 700 substyles of Jujutsu have been recorded, ranging from very broad fighting systems to styles which concentrate on just a few maneuvers or techniques. Many of these substyles are so closely related to Aikijutsu, Sumo Wrestling or various weapon-based fighting forms that separating them for gaming purposes is very difficult, and in many cases pointless. A well-rounded medieval Japanese warrior would probably know not only one or more styles of Jujutsu, but many weapon forms (Kenjutsu, Naginatajutsu, Bojutsu and so forth), various styles of wrestling and/or Aikijutsu and many other combat-oriented skills.

Some of the more important and/or interesting Jujutsu substyles include:


Hakko-Ryu was founded in 1941. Its focus is on neutralizing and discouraging attacks by attacking pressure points and locking joints. Emphasis is placed on the use of the little finger in the substyle's grabs and holds, which are performed by bending the joints in a natural direction, but in such a way that the target suffers great pain. Hakko-Ryu's kicks are low (2d6+7 hit location roll), and its hand attacks are usually made with the open hand, not a fist. (Characters who study this substyle should be allowed to buy the Knifehand maneuver from Karate if they wish.)

To be counted a practitioner of Hakko-Ryu, a character must know at least three of the following maneuvers: Atemi Strike, Joint Lock, Joint Lock/ Throw, Strike, Takedown.


This substyle was founded in the 16th century by the samurai Takenouchi Hisamori (also known as Toichiro Takeuchi). Legend has it that Takenouchi was taught several secret techniques of immobilization and weapons use by a ghostly yamabushi, or mountain hermit, who in particular stressed the advantages of short weapons over longer ones. Takenouchi used these techniques as a basis and then added to them maneuvers from such fighting arts as Sumo Wrestling, and older form of wrestling called sumai, and kumi-uchi fighting (designed for use by armored warriors). Thus he developed a style which stresses various techniques of immobilizing one's opponent; combat with short swords (kogusoku) and daggers is also taught.

Samurai Jujutsu

Jujutsu Choke Hold

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