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In many martial arts films, masters of the art can leap prodigious distances, though acrobatic training seems to be required for this.

To simulate this, buy Superleap with the Limitation "Requires An Acrobatics Roll" (-V).

Heroic-level martial artists can only buy enough Superleap to double their basic leap. This is an exception to the normal rule about minimum cost for Superleap. In the normal HERO System rules, the minimum cost is listed as 5 points. But in a heroic-level campaign setting (particularly a pure martial arts campaign), Superleap has no minimum cost, and you cannot Superleap to more than double your STR leap.

Example: A STR 20 character can normally leap 4". Therefore, in a heroic martial arts campaign, he can buy no more than 4"of Superleap. This costs 4 points, with a-V Limitation for Requires An Acrobatics Roll, resulting in a final cost of3 points. Four Active Points does not result in a minus to the Acrobatics roll.

Superheroic-level martial artists have no limit on the amount of Superleap they can buy, other than whatever limit the GM sets. In some movies and comic books martial artists can leap to the horizon; player characters should be allowed to simulate this ability if it suits the campaign.

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Martial Arts An Introduction

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