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Takijutsu ("waterfall art") is a Japanese fighting style which places heavy emphasis on "internal" disciplines and forms of combat. It has been referred to as "Japanese Tai Ch'i," and this observation is not far wrong. The style's name derives from an ancient Oriental saying about water, which yields before all force and yet can wear away the hard, unyielding rocks.

Takijutsu was developed in the 19th century by Morioka Kenichi, a Japanese diplomat who served his emperor by working in China and took the opportunity to study Chinese martial arts. After his retirement he returned to Japan where he studied Jujutsu and the newly-created Judo. By combining aspects of them with aspects of the Chinese internal arts he had studied, Morioka created a style which emphasizes gentleness and non-resistance in the face of aggression. The Takijutsu practitioner is taught to let an attacker defeat himself by taking aggressive action, which puts him at a disadvantage, which the takijutsuka in turn will exploit to end the fight quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Most practitioners of Takijutsu are Shintoists.

Optional Rules: The Touch of Tsukiyomi takes a 2d6+1 hit location roll; none of the other maneuvers require hit location rolls.

Special Abilities: In addition to the special abilities possessed by Tai Ch'i Ch'uan masters (see above), Takijutsu masters know a set of special abilities all their own. First, the most devout of them often display the ability to converse with kami (spirits), and, in some cases, can call on the kami for assistance in times of need. Second, many of them can call forth what they call "divine light" (kamihikari), a sort of glow which surrounds their person and blinds anyone who gets within hand-to-hand fighting range (Flash Attack Damage Shield). Third, according to legend some masters have the power to transform themselves into water, but no living master has substantiated this.


Phs Pts OCV DCV Notes

The Fortress Hand of Sohda Hiroshi

V 4 +2 +2 Block, Abort The Gentle Grasp of Master Shiokawa

+ 10 STR for holding on

Hayata Setsuko's Hand of Passage

V 4 +0 +0 +15 STR to Shove The Response of the Stream

Attacks, Abort

The Touch of Tsukiyomi

V 5 +0 +1 2d6 NND(1) The Waterfall Throw of Sakai Akemi



Acrobatics Breakfall KS: Shintoism KS: Takijutsu

Style Disadvantage

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