Targeting Injured Areas

Sometimes a character will want to target an opponent's existing injuries or infirmities as a way of weakening, disabling or torturing him. This is not always very heroic, of course—but then again, not all characters are heroes.

For purposes of these rules, an injury or wound is defined as any point on the body where BODY damage has been inflicted, regardless of the type of attack used to inflict that damage or whether the area is visibly injured. Cuts and stab wounds from swords and knives, claw wounds from animals, bullet wounds and the like are all "injuries."

Targeting an existing injury can be easy or difficult, depending upon the size of the wound. A large wound (for example, a long cut from a sword) will have a -4--5 OCV modifier. A medium-sized wound (for example, claw wounds from a tiger) will have a -5--7 OCV modifier. A small wound (for example, a stab wound or a bullet wound) will have a -7 - -12 OCV modifier. These modifiers take the place of the Hit Location modifiers that would normally be used for Placed Shots; thus the wound becomes a separate target.

Hitting a wound or injured area has several effects. The first hit to an existing wound will be so painful that negative damage modifiers (such as xV) for STUN and BODY for the location where the wound is will be ignored. The character will take full damage, calculated with any positive modifiers (such as x1 V or x2).

The second hit to an existing injury has the same effect as the first hit, plus it Impairs the area (the GM should roll the Impairment Time normally).

The third and any subsequent hits to an existing injury have the same effect as the second hit, plus all BODY damage done by the attack is considered to be Penetrating. (At the GM's option, the attack may instead automatically be Disabling.) Example: Xiu Kwan, the lin kuei assassin, has been hired to kill a prominent shopkeeper who has refused to pay protection money to the tongs. The killing is supposed to be painful to set an example. Xiu ambushes his target during the working day where several customers and other merchants can see him. First he throws a volley of shuriken, doing 2 BODY to the victim's Right Leg, 1 BODY to his Chest, and 1 BODY to his Left Arm. Then he moves in to make his victim suffer. The GM rules that the leg wound is small and imposes a -8 OCV modifier on Xiu. With all of his levels in OCV, Xiu targets the leg wound and hits it, causing full STUN (no xft modifier is applied). Then, to make sure that the shopkeeper won't run away, Xiu hits the leg wound again, causing full STUN and Impairing the leg for 1 hour (GM's roll of4 on the Impairment Time Table). If he hits it a third time, all BODY damage done will be considered to be Penetrating.

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