Than Vo

This Vietnamese style, whose name means "spirit fist way," is also known as Than Quyen. Its roots lie in Buddhism and Taoism; it came to Vietnam from Mongolia through China, Thailand and Burma.

Than Vo Dao combines internal and external disciplines and uses circular energy. It has a number of animal-based forms, including dragon, phoenix, tiger, crane, monkey, snake and eagle. It also teaches some weapons.

Optional Rules: The Punch takes a 2d6+1 location roll. The Kick takes a 3d6 hit location roll. The other maneuvers do not require rolls.

Special Abilities: Than Vo Dao masters are said to command at least two special abilities. The first is "iron body," which is the same as the Iron Shirt power possessed by some Kung Fu masters. The second is "mind-fist," the power to "place the mind on the fist" and detect an opponent's energy so as to anticipate his attack. This can be bought as Fast Draw, as Lightning Reflexes, as a limited form of Danger Sense or Precognitive Clairvoyance or even as DCV levels.

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