The Dance Of The Six Stars

This is a rapid-fire shuriken-throwing ability used not only by true ninja, but by some practitioners of Shurikenjutsu (q.v.) as well. The ninja (or whoever) hides a number of shuriken on his person, anywhere from his feet to his head. (The usual number is nine, which has special significance for the ninja.) Then, in an emergency, he can pull them out and begin throwing them extremely quickly. In order to avoid presenting a stationary target and to build up momentum for his throws, the ninja will be spinning, moving and ducking as he reaches to grasp the shuriken and throw them. A highly-trained practitioner's moves are so fluid that they often seem like a sort of "dance," hence this maneuver's name.

The Dance Of The Six Stars: /d6 HKA, Ranged (+/), Autofire (up to nine shots, +1) (25 Active Points); IAF (concealed shuriken, -/), No KB (-1/4), Requires A DEX Roll (-/). Total cost: 11 points.

Note: with GM permission, characters could add a "Trigger" Advantage to this ability. The Trigger would be defined as a "reflex action" or something similar. If this attack is Triggered, the character should be limited to throwing no more than three shuriken in a Phase.

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