The Kiai Multipower

Kiai, the art of shouting and utilizing ki (ch'i) energy, can do more than surprise (PRE Attack) an enemy. It can, according to tradition, be used to knock an enemy out cold, to promote healing and even to do damage to or kill an opponent.

A Multipower utilizing all of these abilities might look like this:

Cost Powers END

20 Multipower: Kiai Powers (40 pt pool), all slots 3x END (-1) 2u 4d6 Healing Aid, (Optional Cost, HERO

System Rulesbook), Invisible To Normal Sight (+%), Usable At Range (+%); Incantation

2u 5d6 PRE Aid, Invisible To Normal Sight (+&), Self Only (-&); 3x END (-1),

Incantation (-J4) 12

2u 4d6 EB, No Normal Defense (defense is ear covering [such as earmuffs] or making an EGO Roll at -3, +1); 3x END (-1),

Incantation (-J4) 12

2u 1d6+1 RKA, Invisible To Normal Sight (+&), + 1 Increased STUN Multiplier (+&); 3x END (-1), Incantation 12

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