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The martial arts Style Disadvantage which accompanies most styles is bought as a conditional Distinctive Features, built this way: "Large group can identify character; character is noticed and recognized (10 pts)."

The Style Disadvantage has four functions. First, any martial arts practitioner observing the character with the Style Disadvantage will, with a simple INT Roll, recognize the style (unless it is some strange, secret art, in which case he will recognize that fact). If the character does not have a Style Disadvantage, it takes a successful KS roll of the art being practiced, or an INT Roll at a -2, to recognize the style he is practicing.

Second, since (in martial arts adventures) many martial arts styles and schools are enemies or competitors, the Style Disadvantage acts as a "Major Prejudice" factor to practitioners of the enemy style. (On the other hand, other practitioners of the same style may decide to help the character against their mutual enemies.)

Third, a character using the KS: Analyze Style skill on a target with a Style Disadvantage receives a bonus to his Skill Roll; see the description of that skill.

Fourth, a character with a Style Disadvantage will find it more difficult to use Acting skill to disguise his style of fighting. The character will take a penalty of -4 to his Acting skill when attempting to make it appear as though he were using a different style.

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