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by Steven S. Long

Editor/Developer: Bruce Harlick Cover Illustration: Storn Cook Cover Art Colors & Graphics: Heroic Age Colors Interior Illustration: Storn Cook, Greg Smith, Pat Zircher, Dan Smith

Weapon Illustrations: Bryce Nakagawa, Steve Peterson Project-Specific Contributions:

Pagemaking & Layout: Blackhawk Typesetting Art Direction: Jessica Ney-Grimm Graphic Design: Karl Wu, Kurt Fischer Project Ombudsman & System Conversions:

Steve Peterson Editorial Contributions: George MacDonald, Ray Greer, Steve Peterson, Coleman Charlton, Maggi Perkins, Dean Shomshak, Aaron Allston Proof Reading: Maggi Perkins

Paste-up & Layout Nick Morawitz, Ed Mawyer, Derek Carbonneau, Kathryn Beggerly

ICE Staff — Sales Manager: Deane Begiebing; Managing Editor: Coleman Charlton; President: Peter Fenlon; CEO: Bruce Neidlinger; Editing, Development, & Production Staff:

John Curtis, Bruce Harlick, Nick Morawitz, Jessica M. Ney-Grimm;

Sales, Customer Service, & Operations Staff:

Heike Kubasch, David Platnick; Shipping Staff: David Morris, Daniel Williams

Note: Some of the text in this book originally appeared in Ninja Hero by Aaron Allston. This text has been revised and expanded. Most of the material in Ninja Hero does not appear in this volume.

Special Thanks To: To Bruce, Steve, George, and Ray, for giving me this book to work on; to Aaron, for his gracious assistance and willingness to answer questions; and to all the HERO System players and GMs whose interest in gaming martial arts made this book not only desirable, but necessary.

Dedication: I would like to dedicate this book to Andy "Ghost Eye" Mathews, master of gaming martial arts, creator of Couch Potato Kung Fu, selector of really bad martial arts movies, and true friend.

Additional Contributions: I owe a great deal of thanks to the following people, who answered my questions about martial arts styles, provided me with information or research material, gave me ideas for things that needed to go in this book, debated with me about the best way to do various things in the HERO System, allowed me to create my own versions of something they first thought up, or helped with play testing: Aaron Allston, Chris Avellone, Scott Bennie, Tim Binford, Garrett Charnaw, Cliff Christiansen, the commentators from the Red October BBS and America Online, Earl Cooley III, Storn Cook, John Cooper, Kim Cooper, Amy Crittenden, Mike Dean, Sean Fannon, Morgan Flo, Thom Foster, John Grigni, Scott "Classic Animes" Jamison, Greg Kerner, Eric Livengood, John Losey, Andy Mathews, Dave Mattingly, Riley McLaughlin, Rob "Underworld Animes" Miles, Greg Morero, Bryce Nakagawa, James Pinkerton, Marcus Pritchett, Bob Quinlan, Scott Sigler, Greg Smith, Geoff Speare, Steve Stone, David West, Eric Wylie, Doug Young, and, most especially, Greg "Devil's Advocate" Lloyd and Jeff "I have a license from Japan" Mueller.

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Introduction 5

Chapter One: Martial Arts Styles And Maneuvers

The Way of the Hero 8

Style Descriptions 8

Maneuvers Decriptions 8

Maneuvers And Weapons 11

Modifying And Building Styles 12

Learning Martial Arts 12

Learning New And Multiple Styles 14

Belts And Ranks 16

Real-World Styles 17

Jutsu vs. Do; Internal vs. External 17

Aikido 17

An Ch'i 18

Arnis / Kali / Escrima 19

Bando (Thaing) 22

Bersilat 23

Bojutsu / Jojutsu 24

Boxing, Ancient 24

Boxing, Modern 25

Capoeira 26

Commando Training 27

Dirty Infighting / Fisticuffs

/ Cinematic Brawling 27

Fencing 28

Hapkido 30

Hisardut 31

Hsing-I 31

Hwarang-Do 33

Jailhouse Rock 34

Jeet Kune Do 34

Jujutsu 35

Kalaripayit 37

Karate 38

Kenjutsu 41

Kuk Sool Won 42

Kuntao 49

Kyujutsu 49

Lua 50

Naginatajutsu / Sojutsu 52

Ninjutsu 52

Pakua 55

Pankration 56

Pentjak-Silat 57

Qwan Ki Do 62

Re-Efi Areh-Ehsee 62

Saijutsu 63

Savate 64

Shurikenjutsu 64

Sumo Wrestling 65

Tae Kwon Do 66

Thai Kick-Boxing 69

Than Vo Dao 70

Vovinam Viet Vo Dao 70

Wrestling 71

Wrestling, Professional 72

Yu-Sool 73

Addendum: Other Styles 74

Fictional Styles 75

Bronze Serpent Swordfighting 75

Dancing Spider 76

Drunken Clown Kung Fu 77

Ghost Eye Techniques 78

Ghost Palm Techniques 78

Glorious Lotus Kung Fu 78

Golden Demon Kung Fu 79

Golden Serpent Kung Fu 80

The Paths of the Seven Ghost Sisters 80

Resplendent Dragon Kung Fu 81

Sapphire Phoenix 83

Silken Blade Kung Fu 84

Shining Jade Kung Fu 85

Splendid Fist 85

Takijutsu 86

Thunder Dragon Kung Fu 86

The Way of the Servants of the Emperor Ch'in 87

The Way of the Silver Shield 88

The Way Of The Two Brothers 88

Zen Riflery 89

Advanced Ninjutsu 90

Variant Styles Of Taijutsu 92

Korogi Taijutsu 92

Mist Viper Taijutsu 92

Silent Path Taijutsu 93

The Way Of The Night Dragon 93

Ninja Special Abilities 94

Ninja Magic 95

Ninja Gadgets And Equipment 97

Ninja From Other Lands 99

Martial Arts & Other Genres 100

Cyberpunk / Near Future Martial Arts 100

Fantasy Martial Arts 100

Horror Martial Arts 101

Pulp Era Martial Arts 102

Science Fiction / Far Future Martial Arts .. 102

Superhero Martial Arts 104

Wild West Martial Arts 104

Designing New Styles 105

Style Conception 105

Choosing Maneuvers 106

Mongoose Style 117

Ranged Martial Arts 118

Mixing Hand-To-Hand And

Ranged Maneuvers 120

Maneuvers And Hit Locations 120

Designing Martial Arts Styles 121

The Complete Mongoose Style 123

Extra DC 124

Weapons 127

Other Ways To Build Martial Arts 127

The One-Maneuver Martial Art 128

Power Advantages For Martial Arts

Maneuvers 128

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