The Way Of The Two Brothers

The Way Of The Two Brothers, or Fa Lyang Disyung, is known mainly by those students who studied it at Yengtao Temple. It was created by the brothers Teng-Hsan and Teng-Hu, who are thought by some to be two of the original founders ofYengtao Temple (see below). Since the Temple's destruction, no master has publicly offered to teach this style; it is possible that there is no one left alive who is qualified to do so.

The style's central principle is this: an opponent who is on the ground is a much poorer fighter than one who is standing. Consequently, most of the style's maneuvers are designed to knock an opponent down (i.e., they include the Throw element). When used in an Array, as the brothers Teng used it, the Way Of The Two Brothers can be a devastatingly effective martial art.

The Way Of The Two Brothers

Maneuver Phs Pts


The First Principle of Teng

The Curse of the Empty Hand

/ 5 +0 +0 Grab Weapon, +5 STR to take weapon away; Target Falls

STR +v/5; Target Falls

The Leopard Throw of Teng-Hu

Target Falls

The Log and the Wedge

Attacks, Abort The Mongoose Escape of Teng-Hsan

Target Falls

The Net of the Two Brothers

The Redoubled Strike of Teng / 5 +1 +1

+ 10 STR for holding on

STR +2d6 Strike; Target Falls

The Second Principle of Teng

Target Falls Teng-Hsan's Maneuver of Avoidance


Breakfall *

KS: Way of the Two Brothers WF: Common Martial Arts Weapons WF: Common Melee Weapons




Use Art with Chain &

Rope Weapons


Use Art with Polearms


Use Art with Staff

Style Disadvantage

Style Disadvantage

Optional Rules: The Second Principle of Teng automatically targets the leg region, but receives neither bonuses nor penalties because of this. The Redoubled Strike of Teng takes a 3d6 hit location roll. None of the other maneuvers require hit location rolls.

Special Abilities: None.

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