Throws And First Strikes

The most important change is that a Throw now allows the Thrower to attack the Thrown character first in their next action Phase regardless of relative DEX. This is exactly like the way that that same aspect of the Block maneuver works, but a Throw will not Block an incoming attack automatically (see below). Of course, in order for this benefit to apply, the characters must both have their next action Phase in the same Segment.

This combat bonus applies even if the Thrown character makes a Breakfall or Acrobatics roll to avoid or lessen the damaging effects of the Throw. It reflects the disadvantage that a Thrown character is put at by being thrown around. At the GM's option, a character can avoid this effect ifhe makes a Breakfall roll by half.

Example: White Lotus is fighting Xiu Kwan to prevent him from assassinating a Chinatown politician. White Lotus is SPD 6 and DEX 23; Xiu Kwan has SPD 6 and DEX 26. Xiu attacks White Lotus in Phase 2, rolls a 15, and misses him. White Lotus decides that he needs an advantage over the lin kuei and declares that he will attempt to Throw him. White Lotus puts all of his Levels into OCV and rolls an 8, hitting him. Xiu Kwan is Thrown to the ground and takes damage, but he makes a Breakfall roll and gets to his feet without losing a half Phase. In Phase 4, White Lotus gets to attack Xiu Kwan first, even though Xiu has the higher DEX and is on his feet, because he successfully Threw him.

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