Thunder Dragon Kung Fu

This fighting style originated in Bhutan, "land of the thunder dragon," hence its name. Legend has it that a Buddhist monk named Jigme developed the art after observing a crane struggling to capture a large fish. He taught the art to his fellow monks, one of whom took it with him to Thailand and China when he traveled there for missionary purposes. Elements of Muay Thai and northern Kung Fu styles were integrated with the art to form a more well-rounded fighting style.

Thunder Dragon Kung Fu (Leilong Ch'uan) relies on kicks as its principle attack form, keeping the arms and hands in reserve to block or grab. Most of its movements are circular, in imitation of the sinuous body of the thunder dragon, giving its strikes great power. Thunder Dragon practitioners are also known for their ability to withstand blows that would knock other fighters unconscious.

Optional Rules: The Roundhouse Kick and Snap Kick take 3d6 hit location rolls. The Punch/Elbow Strike and Axe Kick take 2d6+1 hit location rolls; the Knee Strike takes a 2d6+7 roll. The other maneuvers do not require hit location rolls.

Special Abilities: In addition to the special abilities available to Kung Fu and Thai Kick-Boxing practitioners, Thunder Dragon masters may also know the following powers:

1) Thunder-Kick: A kick which is accompanied by a loud burst of sound that deafens and stuns the target:

Thunder-Kick: 2d6 Normal Hearing Flash + 2d6 EB, NND (defense is being deaf or having Hearing Group Flash Defense, +1), Trigger (when Roundhouse Kick is used, +J4). Total cost: 50 points.

2) Water-walking: By carefully focusing their ch'i, Thunder Dragon practitioners can walk upon water. This is bought as 5" Flight that Only Works In Contact With Water (-1 /) and requires Concentration (0 DCV, -/) (total cost 3 points).

3) Weather control: The ability to manipulate the weather. This is bought as a form of Change Environment; related powers (such as the power to call down lightning bolts to smite one's foes) can also be purchased.

Thunder Dragon Kung Fu

Maneuver Phs Pts



Knee Strike


Block, Abort

Roundhouse Kick/Axe Kick

Disarm, +10 STR to Disarm roll

Grab One Limb, + 10 STR for holding on

STR +2d6 Strike

STR +1d6 Strike; Target Falls

STR +4d6 Strike

STR +2d6 Strike


As Kung Fu package

KS: Thunder Dragon Kung Fu

WF: As Kung Fu package


As Kung Fu package

Style Disadvantage

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