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Tjampur ("combined") Silat is a Sumatran substyle which synthesizes maneuvers from both Pentjak-Silat and Kuntao. It concentrates on aggressive tactics (which are launched from surprise, if possible) and close infighting. A Tjampur stylist is never supposed to take more than one step backwards during a fight.

Attacks are delivered to the center line of the body, primarily with the elbows and knees. Because of the dangers involved in using this brutal style, it is usually only taught to students who have already studied other silat styles and proven themselves worthy of advanced training.

To be counted a practitioner of Tjampur Silat, a character must know the following maneuvers: Kick (which takes a 2d6+7 hit location roll and can also be defined as a Knee Strike), Killing Strike, Punch and Rahasia Strike.

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