Some unusual characters (including some film ninja) can dig themselves down into soft terrain, basically grinding themselves into the earth and covering themselves with a thick coating of the earth. (They usually do this when concealed by smoke from a smoke grenade, by darkness and so forth). This is a good method for them to escape capture.

To simulate this in heroic-level campaigns, a character can buy a maximum of 1" of Tunneling. This, again, is an exception to the usual minimum cost listings; the minimum cost for Tunneling would normally be 20 points (which is 4" Tunneling, or 2" with the "fill in behind" function). That's too much for this sort of ability, so that rule is suspended for heroic-level games.

The ability must be bought with the following Limitation: Maximum Distance 1" Per Tunnel (-1). This means that the character can dig his way into the earth to conceal his entire body.. .but he can't keep digging a tunnel through the earth.

The character cannot buy the "dig through +1 DEF for +3 points" function. He can only dig through soft, 1 DEF material such as sand, fresh-turned soil, mud, a bog and so forth.

The character must buy the "can fill tunnel behind him" function for +10 points, and must always use that function.

To make the area he has dug into look natural (i.e., undisturbed), he should use Concealment Skill; the GM can assign severe minuses on terrain where it would be hard to conceal signs of digging (such as a neat grass lawn, where sod would be torn up and flung in all directions). Dusty and sandy terrain is much better for this purpose.

Such an ability will usually look like this:

Example: Tunneling, 1"; can fill hole in behind (15

Active Points); Maximum Distance 1" Per Tunnel

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