Uechi Ryu

An Okinawan style, Uechi-ryu was founded around the turn of the century by Kanbun Uechi, who had studied Kung Fu in addition to Karate. Its elements bear some similarity to the Dragon, Tiger and Crane styles of Kung Fu. Its primary attacks include a single-knuckle punch (Punch or Atemi Strike), the spear-hand strike (Knifehand Strike), pointed kicks (Snap Kick or Side Kick) and circular blocks (Block). Kicks are generally delivered low, and should take 2d6+7 location rolls.


This Japanese style, whose name means "way of harmony," stresses inner preparation and strength of character instead of simply concentrating on physical techniques. Its techniques include body shifting (Dodge) and some joint-twisting maneuvers (use the Joint Lock from Hapkido).

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