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When a character uses an unarmed martial arts maneuver, Extra DC is counted as base DC. This is important when you're trying to calculate how much STR damage you can add to an unarmed K-Damage.

For example, a character has a 2 DC K-Damage maneuver (which does /d6 K). A /d6 K-Damage maneuver has the equivalent of 10 Active Points, or 2 DC (refer to the Damage Class Table in the HERO System Rulesbook). His bonus to the damage from STR cannot more than double the base damage for the maneuver. If he has a 15 STR, he can only use 10 of his STR with the maneuver, resulting in a 1d6+1 K attack. (If he used all 15 STR, it would add +3 DC, but since the maneuver only has 2 DC to begin with, this is not allowed; he can only add another +2 DC.)

But if he has an Extra +2 DC with his style, this gives him an additional +1 DC with his K-Damage maneuver (see above). This additional +1 DC is counted as base maneuver damage. Therefore, the maneuver is now 3 DC, or 1d6 K, so he can use his whole 15 STR and do 2d6 K with the maneuver.

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