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Also, when creating the new martial art, you must decide at the beginning whether or not it is an unarmed style or an armed style.

Unarmed styles include what we think of as traditional martial arts: Karate, kung fu, aikido, etc. Frequently, an unarmed style cannot be used with weapons: For example, an aikido practitioner picking up a sword cannot use his aikido maneuvers with the sword. However, the Weapons style element (described late in this section) will allow some unarmed styles to utilize weapons.

Armed styles include such arts as kenjutsu (the samurai's sword-fighting technique), kali/arnis, fencing and kobu-jutsu (the armed variety of karate). Frequently, an armed style cannot be used without weapons: For example, a fencer without a blade cannot perform his fencing maneuvers. However, the Barehanded style element will allow some armed styles to be used bare-handed.

If a weapon is an armed style, it may only be used with weapons from one or more 1-point weapon groups specified by the style designer (and subject to GM approval).

Sample groups could include Swords/Blades, Karate Weapons (katana, sai, nunchaku, tonfa) and so forth. See the Skills section for more on this.

When you've made the decision, if a weapon is required, note that on your character sheet beside the martial art listing. When writing up the Style, when you note that the Style has a Weapon Familiarity with the appropriate group of weapons, put an asterisk (*) next to that Weapon Familiarity so that the buyer will know that it is compulsory, not optional. This choice does not affect the cost of the style or its maneuvers. An Offensive Strike bought only usable with a Blades costs exactly the same as an Offensive Strike bought for unarmed use.

As you'll recall, when using a martial art with killing-damage weapons, each +2d6 or +2 DC of Killing damage from the martial arts maneuver turns into +1 DC to the weapon's damage. For example, if you're using a Karate Punch (+2d6 damage) with a sword blow, you'd get + 1 DC to your sword damage.

The martial arts in the previous section are all unarmed except when otherwise listed. With some of these styles, you may also learn how to use the art with a specific group of weapons; those options are listed with the martial arts descriptions. When building new martial arts, the GM has to approve any decision to make the art usable with a class of weapons.

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