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Forbidden Kill Strikes

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Same as above; the Kick can only be bought if the practitioner has bought the Barehanded element, below.


Same as Above; WF is Required (*) Elements

Weapons +1 Use Art with Staff Barehanded +1 Use Art Barehanded

Style Disadvantage -10

Used With Karate Weapons Group; Karate Weapons Element is Free

The traditional Karate uniform is the gi; it is also used by many other martial arts practitioners. The gi consists of the uwagi, or long-sleeved jacket, and zubon, or trousers. The obi, or belt, is colored; the color indicates the wearer's rank. Originally the standard gi was beige; today the standard gi is white. Professional Karate fighters wear gloves, foot-and-shin armor, and loose pants rather like warm-up pants. They also wear athletic cups. Male Karate professionals go bare-chested.


The Knifehand Strike maneuver above may also be interpreted as the Spearhand Strike, a thrusting maneuver. The Knifehand Strike was for decades popularly known in America as the "karate chop."

The Side Kick and Spinning Kick are presented here as one maneuver.

Optional Rules: The Punch/Snap Kick, Nerve Strike and Knifehand Strike take location rolls of 2d6+1. The Side Kick and Spin Kick take location rolls of 3d6. The Block, Disarm, Dodge and Legsweep do not take location rolls.

Special Abilities: Karate is not surrounded by mysticism the way much of Kung Fu is, but master karateka can still perform amazing feats. One technique sometimes developed by Karate masters is a rapid-fire punching ability that can be simulated with an Autofire HA attack or by applying an "Autofire" Advantage to a martial maneuver (see "Power Advantages For Martial Arts Maneuvers," below). Lastly, some karateka are said to possess genshin, the ability to detect an attack a split-second in advance and beat the enemy to the punch (this can be bought as a limited form of Precognition or Danger Sense, or even as Fast Draw, Lightning Reflexes or Combat Skill Levels).

Kobujutsu masters may have their own special abilities. For example, they might be able to perform "weapons flourishes" that act as Damage Shields (refer to the discussion of Damage Shields in the "Power Advantages" section of Chapter Two). Another clever trick that is sometimes performed with the eiku, or boat oar, is to use the paddle end of it to flick sand or dirt into an opponent's eyes (a Flash with some Limitations).

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