Water Walking Devices

These devices allowed the ninja to "walk on water" so that he could cross it quickly and quietly. Obviously such devices can only be used in relatively calm water. The character must know Transport Familiarity: Ninja Water-Walking Devices to use them properly. Examples include: kama-ikada (a foldable one-man straw raft); kameikada (large tortoise shells attached to a bamboo frame; the ninja placed his feet in the shells and poled himself across the water with a special collapsible bamboo paddle called a shinobigai); the mizugumo ("water spider," two groups of boards tied together in a circular pattern and placed under each foot); taruikada (similar to the kameikada, but using flotation pots instead of tortoise shells) and the ukidaru (two tubs joined by a cord, used like the taruikada).

Water-Walking Devices: 3" Flight (6 Active Points); OAF (-1), Only In Contact With Relatively Calm Water (-1 /), Requires A DEX Roll (-/), Concentrate (0 DCV, -/), Requires TF: Ninja Water-Walking Devices (-0). Total cost: 1 point.

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