White Crane Style

This Tibetan style, which simulates the moves of both cranes and apes, involves three basic principles: evading attacks instead of blocking them (in order to increase counterattack speed), confusing the target with many arm sweeps, and moving in to the opponent for a better angle of attack. It was first developed in Tibet some 500 years ago, and was introduced into middle and southern China some 140 years ago.

To be counted a practitioner of White Crane, a character must know any three of the following maneuvers: Dodge, Kick, Punch, Tien-hsueh Strike.

When the character is performing White Crane, Skill Levels, if present, are normally placed so that the

character's DCV is higher than his OCV; the high DCV allows the character to avoid using Dodges and continuously attack instead.

White Crane style is known as Bak Hok in Chinese.

White Eyebrow

This southern style, called Bak Mei in Chinese after the traitorous white-eyebrowed priest who developed it, uses both soft and hard techniques. The arms and hands are kept "soft" and supple until they reach the point of impact, when they "harden" to deliver powerful blows. Internal and external strength are both important in this style.

White Eyebrow stylists always wait for their opponent to attack first, then react to that attack and counterattack using their "wit," or cleverness and perceptiveness. In the game, White Eyebrow stylists should normally hold their actions, then Block or Dodge before attacking.

White Eyebrow style incorporates some attacks from Fong Ngan, or "Phoenix Eye" style, which is described briefly below.

To be counted a practitioner of White Eyebrow, a character must know any three of the following maneuvers: Block, Dodge, Kick, Punch, Tien-hsueh Strike.

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