Wing Chun Style

This style (whose name means "radiant springtime" or "everlasting spring") was developed in the 18th century by a fighting Buddhist nun named Ng Mui. According to some legends she was one of the Venerable Five who escaped the final destruction of the Shaolin Temple; she created the art and taught it to a young peasant woman named Yim Wing Chun, from whom it takes its name. It was developed to be an aggressive, practical style which someone could learn in a relatively short amount of time. It involves aggressive, up-close fighting techniques including short punches, low kicks and leg sweeps.

Wing Chun is so popular that it has several substyles; however, their differences are inconsequential for gaming purposes.

To be counted a practitioner of Wing Chun, the character must know any three of the following maneuvers: Block, Kick, Legsweep and Punch. The Kick takes a 2d6+7 location roll.

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