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This fighting style is used by Space Marines, space pirates and other combative folk who are likely to find themselves fighting in a zero-G environment from time to time. Because of the action/reaction effect of launching attacks in zero-G, this art concentrates on grapples, holds and other attacks that require relatively little linear motion.

Zero-Gravity Combat maneuvers can be used in situation where there is gravity, but the fighter will suffer -1 to his OCV and DCV unless he has bought the Element "Use Art in Gravity."

For more information on fighting in zero-G environments, refer to "Using Martial Arts In Zero-Gravity Situations" in the "Combat Modifiers And Optional Rules" section of this book.

The Breakaway maneuver is a form of push which the fighter uses to "bleed off" the momentum he builds up when escaping from certain kinds of holds. It moves the target away from the attacker, and also disorients him sufficiently that the attacker will be able to follow up with another attack while the target regains his "balance" (this is simulated with the "Target Falls" element, since of course one cannot fall in zero-G).

Optional Rules: The Nerve Pinch takes a 3d6 hit location roll. None of the other maneuvers requires hit location rolls.

Special Abilities: Many people who deal with zero-G environments on a frequent basis buy their legs as Extra Limbs (5 points), so that they can perform tasks with them, like manipulating ship controls, typing or what have you. Such people can also use their legs in Zero-Gravity Combat, for example by using them to perform the Choke maneuver. The two extra limbs are a big advantage in a zero-G combat situation.

Zero-Gravity Combat

Maneuver Phs Pts

Breakaway V4


Escape %


Joint Break

Nerve Pinch %4



+2 Strike, +10 STR to Shove target; Target Falls; Must Follow Escape

-1 Grab Three

Limbs, +10 STR for holding on


KS: Zero-Gravity Combat KS: Zero-Gravity Operations *


Armor Gravity

Use Art in Armor Use Art in Gravity

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