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Jan/Feb 1996

Self Defense Guides


An Introduction to Ba Gua Weapons

Sun Style Sword by Tim Cartmell

Eight Immortal Sword by Park Bok Nam


Kua Zhang Characters

In This Issue:

An Introduction to Ba Gua Weapons

Sun Style Sword by Tim Cartmell

Eight Immortal Sword by Park Bok Nam

A Weapon is an Extension of the Mind by Carlos Casados

The Large Saber of

Ba Gua Zhang by Glen Gurman h^ff, Pa Kua Chang t ^ tt d ™ a t

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About the Pa Kua Chang Journal

The Pa Kua Chang Journal is published six times a year. Each issue features an interview with, or article by, one or more Ba Gua Zhang instructor(s) from mainland China, Taiwan, the United States, and/or Canada. The interviews will report on each instructor's background, current program, training methods and teaching philosophy. By utilizing this format, the intention is to give students an opportunity to get to know prospective teachers and to let teachers possibly gain insights and ideas from learning about the activities of their colleagues.

Chinese names and terms will be romanized using the pinyin system of romanization except when an instructor prefers his name romanized differently. The title of the Journal appears in the Wade Giles system of romanization as it was the system we started with and we kept the original title. Whenever possible, Chinese characters will be listed in parentheses following the first appearance of Chinese terms and names in each article.

The ideas and opinions expressed in this journal are those of the instructors being interviewed and not necessarily the views of the publisher or editor.

We solicit comments and/or suggestions.

All Rights Reserved, High View Publications.

The authors and publisher of this Journal are not responsible for any injury which may result from following the instructions contained herein. Before embarking on any of the physical activities described in this Journal, the reader should consult his or her physician for advice regarding their individual suitability for performing such activity.

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