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There is no such thing as an overweight Warrior. First and foremost, you will need to train hard but let's look at a few tips that will help you beat the flab.

Kiss Starvation Goodbye - One of the most important steps to getting in shape and burning fat is to EAT! A lot of people stop eating to lose weight. WRONG! When your body notices a shortage in food, it responds by protecting against the loss of fat. It slows down the burning of calories. Your body basically notices "starvation" so holds on to as many calories as possible. Rather than burn calories, you conserve them. Eat five small meals and you will keep the metabolism cranking!

Vary Calorie Intake - It is a good idea to increase your calorie intake a little over your typical maintenance level every three or four days. For example, let's say that you are trying to lose weight. You plan to eat 2250 calories per day. Rather than staying at this exact level each day, bump up your intake on the fourth day to around 2750. By increasing calories occasionally, you prevent your body from adapting to the low calorie intake. You do not want your body to adjust to a lower calorie intake by slowing the burning process. Keep your body guessing and it will continue to burn away the fat.

The 3500 Rule - There are 3500 calories stored in one pound of fat. There are 2500 calories stored in one pound of muscle. To lose one pound of fat in a week, you should consume 500 fewer calories than you use for fuel each day (3500 calories in 7 days). To gain one pound of muscle, you should consume approximately 350 calories more than you use for fuel each day (2450 calories in 7 days)

The Kick Ass and Stop Whining Rule - OK, let's get to the most important weight loss tip. The best way to lose weight is not with some magic pill or potion. The best way is by BUSTING YOUR ASS with the Warrior workout. Forget all the nonsense, you need to work hard to get the results you really want. Let's kick ass and leave the whining for our opponents when we knock them into oblivion!

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