Anaerobic vs Aerobic Conditioning

Our conditioning program will focus on two separate, distinct forms of training. We must target both our anaerobic and aerobic systems.

Anaerobic training means to conduct an activity without oxygen. Anaerobic events, such as boxing, wrestling, and grappling, require muscles to contract at maximum intensity for short periods of time. An example would be a combination thrown in boxing or a take down in wrestling. Combat athletes MUST train anaerobically!

Aerobic exercise is classified as low to moderate intensity activities, performed for extended periods of time. Distance running is a perfect example of aerobic exercise.

There is a distinct difference between anaerobic and aerobic conditioning. I will not make this a science class but it is important that you understand these concepts if you wish to maximize your performance.

You can determine whether you are training anaerobically or aerobically by monitoring your heart rate (beats per minute). Heart rate is a valuable gauge to determine workout intensity. Heart rate provides a report card on the human body to measure the intensity of a workout and the amount of energy that is expended. When you train hard, your heart pumps faster to increase the flow of blood and provide more oxygen to your cells.

There are various heart rate zones that provide unique benefits. Each zone is derived as a percentage of your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR).

The Healthy Heart Zone - 60% to 70% of MHR

Training in the Healthy Heart Zone will strengthen your heart so that it may pump oxygen-rich blood to your muscles more efficiently. This zone is excellent to burn fat while recovering from more intense training days. Your low intensity running days should be completed at or below 70% of your MHR.

The Aerobic Zone is also known as the Endurance Building Zone. By training in this zone, you will strengthen your cardiovascular system and respiratory system. It is important to exercise in this zone to improve aerobic capacity and athletic performance.

The Anaerobic Zone - 80% to 90% of MHR

The Anaerobic Zone is known as the Vomit Zone. This zone involves high intensity training to help the muscles cope with lactic acid build up. Training in this zone is important for the competitive athlete. If you are involved in boxing, wrestling, grappling, or the martial arts, you MUST train anaerobically. The glycogen that is stored in your muscles will serve as the primary form of energy during anaerobic training. The byproduct from rapidly burning glycogen is lactic acid. Lactic acid fatigues the muscles, leaving you with the feeling of complete exhaustion. By training anaerobically, you can delay the onset of lactic acid and teach your body to deal with its accumulation for a longer period of time.

The Red Line Zone is only intended for very fit, competitive athletes. Working in the Red Line Zone trains your fast twitch muscle fibers and develops speed. Individuals should avoid training in this zone until they have approached peak fitness levels.

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