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Cooling down is as important as warming up. Unfortunately, many athletes fail to properly cool down following a workout. A light cool down session will do wonders to reduce fatigue and soreness. The cooling down period is similar to the warm-up but is completed in a reverse order. Let's use boxing as an example. Suppose you spar 6 hard rounds inside the ring. Your cool down period should consist of

1. Light sport specific activity (such as shadow boxing)

2. Dynamic stretching

3. Static stretching

You should always finish your workout with approximately 5 minutes of light sport specific activity. We can use interval running as another example. After your grueling interval workout, you should finish with 5 minutes of light jogging, then some dynamic stretching, and finally a brief static stretching routine.

This simple cool down process will reduce muscle tightness and soreness. I realize that you may feel exhausted after an intense workout. Your exhaustion often results in your mind telling you to "forget about the cool down". As a Warrior, you need to suck it up and finish your cool down period. The few minutes that are required will save you many hours of soreness and fatigue.

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