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Hello and welcome to The Underground Guide To Warrior Fitness. It has been a pleasure putting this informative training program together to help fellow Warriors in their pursuit of superior physical condition.

This book will teach you to be resourceful and creative in your quest for physical fitness. There is no reason to spend your hard earned money on fancy gadgets and gym memberships. You do not need expensive equipment or contraptions to enhance your fitness.

Whether you are a competitive athlete or just looking to lose a few inches from your waistline, you will learn how to revolutionize your workout conveniently without weights.

Let's face it, the fitness industry is a multi-million dollar business. I get sick to my stomach when I see infomercials on television, promising a newfound way to help you lose weight and feel great. A new "magic pill" is developed each day promising to shed pounds from your waistline. These fad workouts and diet supplements all target the greatest weakness of the human race, laziness. Everyone wants to get in shape without sweat or sacrifice.

If you purchased this book expecting an effortless workout, I suggest that you read no further and submit a refund request. This book is designed for the Warrior population.

A logical question at this time would be, "Whatis a warrior?"...

I went to my handy Webster's Dictionary and located the following definition.

A Warrior is a man engaged or experienced in warfare; a person engaged in some struggle or conflict.

A few common synonyms are: soldier, fighter, and fighting man.

Now before you throw this book to the ground for fear that the author (yours truly) is crazy or a member of a renegade cult, let me explain why we are all Warriors in some shape or form.

I could have entitled this book a variety of names. I choose the name Warrior because of its relevancy to everyday life. Let's look back at the definition for a better understanding. A Warrior is any person engaged in some struggle or conflict. This definition encompasses the entire population. We are all faced with obstacles and struggles, which we must overcome in our pursuit for success and triumph.

If you stop to observe the world around, you will quickly realize the struggles and hardships faced by all. Let's face it, life is no picnic. There will be good days and bad days.

What does this mean and what the hell is my point?

The moral to this story is that society has reached an all time low. People do not want to work for anything. The mentality of our world is to choose the path of least resistance. Human beings in general dislike hard work. The great percentage of the public expects the world served to them on a platter.

The Warrior is a dying breed. My definition of a Warrior is not just one who is faced with struggle, but also one who overcomes and conquers his obstacles in pursuit of victory. A Warrior does not cry and moan when things do not go his way. Rather, he goes back to work, trains with greater intensity, and refuses to accept anything but the best.

A Warrior is a person engaged in some struggle or conflict who continues to train with intensity and desire. The Warrior cannot be deterred from his ultimate goals and objectives. The Warrior does not look for shortcuts or the easy way out. The Warrior approaches all challenges with confidence, diligence, and perseverance.

As you can see, the Warrior can be anyone. The Warrior can be a businessman who works hard to be the best or an athlete who trains hard to win a championship. There is a Warrior within us all. Unfortunately, many people have put their Warrior side to sleep.

Society promises us rewards without effort. The path of least resistance is the road most often traveled. Hard work and commitment are foreign terms, ancient and outdated.

Our society is riddled with overweight, out of shape individuals. These people continue to slobber around, growing fatter each day. They continue to shove fatty foods down their mouth. They go home and are upset with their weight gain. They look in the mirror and wonder where the weight has come from. After all, these people pop every magic pill and diet formula they can find.

Eventually, these individuals are labeled "victims" to obesity. Doctors have even developed liposuction to suck away the fat.

New infoproducts are developed and marketed each day. Each product promises a new way to shed pounds without work or sacrifice. The annoying salesman promises that you can "lose weight and eat whatever you want"...

Well I am here to tell you that the salesman is WRONG. There are no magic pills that you can swallow to transform yourself into a well-conditioned human being. I am sick and tired of all the false promises and ridiculous fitness gimmicks and gadgets. It angers me to see infomercials that deceive the innocent public into believing that healthy living and physical fitness can be achieved through a magic potion. Millions of individuals are misled each year into purchasing these products in search of a miracle. Unfortunately, the world of fitness does not involve miracles. Only through a dedicated, consistent effort can you truly achieve peak fitness levels.

Research indicates that approximately one-half of Americans are overweight. Billions of dollars are spent each year on weight-reduction products and services. Despite such expenditures, a large portion of the population continues to live obese. The combination of obesity and harsh, fad diets jeopardizes the health and well being of a large portion of the population.

Why am I telling you all of this? The reason is simple... All of the money that is spent towards fitness-based products has done little to enhance the physical condition of the general public. Obviously, all of these products and fancy gadgets are not working. The fact remains that the fitness industry thrives on individuals who try and fail. If we were all in shape, there would be no reason to invent the next magical fitness cure.

Yet, people will continue to fall prey to these deceitful marketers who promise they will lose 10, 20 or 30 pounds in a few short weeks.

Fortunately, you and I are different. We will not be fooled by these bogus claims and magical cures. How do I know this about you? Well, the fact that you purchased this book tells me one thing, you are interested in improving your physical fitness. This book will not instruct you to starve yourself or take diet pills throughout the day. Rather, we will go back to our human roots by using our own natural bodyweight as the primary source of resistance.

I will detail routines that are designed to enhance speed, power, strength, and stamina. No matter who you are and what your reason was for purchasing this book, you will see results if you stick to this training routine.

The human body is an amazing system. Once you devote yourself to my training approach, I guarantee that you will witness amazing results. Nothing can stop you when you are committed to personal improvement.

The Warrior does not search for the easy way out. The Underground Guide To Warrior Fitness will teach you to revolutionize your fitness without all of the ridiculous diet pills and potions. This manual will transform you into a powerful Warrior eager to overcome new obstacles and challenges.

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