Fatigue Training

Fatigue Training involves fatiguing the body first before a strength or endurance routine. For example, you will run 10 x 100 meter sprints and then hit the heavy bag for 6 rounds. By running first, you fatigue the body. You then force yourself to work through the fatigue on the heavy bag. This form of training will pay tremendous dividends when competition rolls around. You will teach your body and mind to fight through the fatigue. Only true Warriors can continue to "fight" when completely fatigued. You can create your own fatigue training drills. Use your imagination.

This form of training is recommended for all combat athletes. There will be a point in time when you are completely fatigued and must continue to fight to overtake your opponent. This form of training will give you the power and resolve to succeed. Do not perform this type of training before sparring. You need to be fresh when sparring to avoid injury.

Kick Boxing Guide

Kick Boxing Guide

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