Flamingos With Leg Swings

1. Practice swinging one leg to the front, back, left, and right while you balance on one foot.

2. Repeat step one with your eyes closed.

Flamingo Ball Pass - If you have a partner, practice passing a ball back and forth. Catch and throw the ball while balancing on one foot. Practice with one foot, then the other.

Flamingo Shadow Boxing - Practice shadow boxing on one foot. Throw a variety of punches and kicks while balancing on one foot. Practice with one foot, then the other. Do not remain stationary. Move around the floor (or the ring if you have access to one) and work combinations in all directions. This drill is excellent for coordination and balance development.

Stairs - Practice walking up stairs with your eyes closed. Be careful not to trip and fall. Start slow and gradually increase your pace.

Heel-Toe Walking - Practice walking heel-toe across the room. Pretend you are walking on a balance beam. Reverse this movement backwards. When this becomes easy, practice this drill with your eyes closed.

Basketball Balance - With a fully inflated basketball, practice standing on the ball. Stand next to a wall to get yourself up on the ball. Try to avoid touching the wall as you balance yourself on the ball. Eventually you should be able to hold yourself on the ball without any assistance from the wall.

One Leg Pickup - Stand on your right foot with your left foot off the ground. Place a small object in front of your right foot. Bend your knee slightly and pick up the object with your right hand. Put the object back down with your right hand but this time to the left. Pick up the object with your left hand. With your left hand, return the object to its original position. This is one complete repetition. Perform this drill while balancing on each foot.

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