How Much Fat Carbohydrates And Protein

This topic will always be the subject for debate. There are those who attempt to completely remove carbohydrates from their diets and others who completely remove fat. Others eat primarily protein with only small amounts of carbohydrates and fat.

Do any of these methods make sense? The answer is simple. NO!

Not if you wish to train your best, kiss ass, and recover.

Regardless of your sport, competition, or training objective, carbohydrates will always be your most efficient form of energy. This holds true for both aerobic and anaerobic activities. Complex carbohydrates are best. Complex carbs will effectively fill your glycogen stores enabling you to train harder for longer periods of time.

"What about fat? I have heard that fat is a great energy source..."

Fat is the next best source of energy during prolonged exercise. When your stored glycogen runs out, your body burns fatty acids for energy. Unfortunately, fat is not a good energy source for anaerobic activities (such as boxing, wrestling, and grappling). These anaerobic activities involve explosive movements and actions. Fats are NOT an efficient source of energy during anaerobic activity. Stay away from saturated fats and keep your total fat intake below fifteen percent of your daily calories (ten percent is better). Large amounts of fat will lead to added body fat. In addition, excessive fat intake causes frequent urination. Basically, you piss away all of your minerals. Bad idea!

The final source of energy is protein. Protein is the least efficient source of energy. If you rely on protein for energy, you are asking for muscle soreness. Protein is more important for growth and repair between workouts. Let protein do its job! Protein is very important during intense training sessions. When you train hard for long periods of time, more muscle tissue is stimulated which means more muscle requires repair. You need extra protein to meet the demands of intense training.

A good rule of thumb is to consume 1 part fat, 2 parts protein, and 4 or 5 parts carbohydrates. This ratio of 1 fat, 2 proteins, and 4 or 5 carbohydrates will leave you with plenty of energy and enough protein to foster recovery. You should never drop below a 1 fat, 2 proteins, and 3 carbohydrates ratio. Get over your fear of carbohydrates. All the nonsense about carbohydrates comes from "self-appointed" experts who do not understand the science of the human body. The bottom line is that if you want to perform your best, you are going to need energy to do so. Stick with the most efficient form of fuel if you want to be the BEST!

Consider the following scenario. You bust your ass with an intense Warrior workout. You get tired and cannot continue. Basically you have "hit the wall". You have used up all of your glycogen and have no energy left. Lactic acid has reduced you to a fallen Warrior. So far so good. All this means is that you are busting your ass with some intense training. The problem occurs when you fail to refill your glycogen stores before your next workout. Your body will turn to protein for its energy needs. Your sore muscles will be deprived of the protein they need. You will not have energy to train. It will be like driving your automobile with a tank full of piss as opposed to gasoline. Do not make this mistake! Fuel up with some high-octane complex carbs and protein!

If for some reason you undergo a high protein diet (NOT RECOMMENDED) to rapidly lose weight for a competition (such as boxing or wrestling), be sure to drink extra water. People on high protein diets store less water in their bodies so are more likely to dehydrate. A dehydrated athlete is often a defeated athlete.

Spartans Routine

Spartans Routine

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