Keep Your Composure And Be Resourceful

As a Warrior, you must keep your cool under pressure. You must act in a resourceful manner. Competition is often unpredictable so you must keep your composure and avoid panic.

Let me illustrate this point with a real life example. As mentioned earlier, I have been involved in the sport of boxing for the past decade. Throughout this time, I have been prone to hand injuries (until I started practicing the Warrior's hand strengthening routines!).

I have fractured my hand on three separate occasions. Each of my injuries happened inside the ring. If you hurt your hand while training on the heavy bag, you can stop at anytime. The situation is completely different when you are inside the ring with an opponent who is trying to take your head off. When I enter the ring, I do not just come to fight, I come to win.

On each occasion I knew immediately that my hand was broken upon impact. I could have easily turned to my trainer and ended the bout. Rather than quit, I sucked it up and fought through the pain. I never let my opponent know my hand was injured. If I panicked, he would have realized I was favoring my injured hand.

I kept my composure and adapted my style to accommodate the injury. I continued to throw my injured hand but only when a perfect opening presented itself. I began to work my jab and hook to avoid the pain of my broken right hand.

You must realize that you will run into bumps along the road. It is not enough to be physically strong, you need mental conditioning to be the best. The muscles in my arms did not pull me through these fights. My mind enabled me to win. I remained calm and used my head. Physical strength will only go so far if you do not have the mental capacity to go along with it.

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