Looking Back At Aerobic Training

Earlier I mentioned that aerobic exercise consists of low to moderate intensity activities, performed for extended periods of time. A common example is distance running.

The primary focus of this chapter has been on anaerobic conditioning drills. This does not mean that we should completely neglect aerobic training. Aerobic training has a purpose and is important. Anaerobic training will provide more sport specific benefits but it is important to develop a solid base of aerobic fitness. Boxing, wrestling, grappling, and the martial arts are primarily anaerobic in nature. These sports consist of explosive bursts of energy. These are the most common Warrior activities.

Aerobic training still serves many important functions. First and foremost it provides an opportunity for you to relax and reflect. A relaxing run will give you time to escape from the stress of your job and the world around. I do some of my best thinking while running or walking.

A relaxing walk, run, swim, or bicycle ride is great to relieve stress while burning calories and strengthening your heart. I encourage this form of exercise as a break from the intense conditioning drills that can cause over-training. Just remember that relaxed jogging provides minimal benefits for combat situations. Excessive aerobic training will detract from explosive power. You must prepare the body with intense training drills if you wish to compete.

I typically include two or three days per week of moderate paced running to relax the body and mind. There are two primary forms of aerobic running.



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