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Up until this point, I have discussed the quest towards success and your desire to be the best. We all make statements such as "I want to be the best'. This attitude is necessary for success but unfortunately it is often difficult to determine whether or not we are in fact the "best'.

We must learn to measure our progress. By setting goals for yourself, you can monitor your development. You must set goals that can be measured and tracked. Goal setting is an important process that allows you to quantify progress. It is important to set both short and long term goals. For example, your goals could read as follows:

Short Term Goal #1: Short Term Goal #2:

Run 1 mile in under 6 minutes Perform 70 consecutive pushups

Long Term Goal #1: Long Term Goal #2:

Perform 100 consecutive pushups Win a world championship

These are examples of goals that you can set for yourself. It is not sufficient to contemplate these goals in your mind, rather you must write these goals down on paper. Hang them on your wall so that you can review and remind yourself each day. I have a list of goals posted on my wall as a daily reminder. By reminding myself, I become more focused in my training session. My training session has a purpose when I attach a specific goal to it.

You must determine your goals based on what you truly want to achieve. Sit down and ask yourself what it is you wish to achieve with your training.

Do you want to lose weight? Are you preparing for a competition? Do you want to gain self-confidence?

No one can answer these questions for you. You must determine the answers to these questions on your own. Develop short-term goals that will gradually carry you forward to your ultimate long-term goal.

It is best to set several short-term goals to carry you towards your ultimate ambition. For example, to become a World Champion (of any sport) will require many years of hard work. This can be your ultimate goal but you must have many smaller goals along the way to steer you towards this climax.

I set goals for myself related to training and competition. In the gym, I set goals regarding my workload. For example, I will set a goal to improve the number of punches I can throw in a round or the number of pushups I perform. My competition-based goals are specific to my sport (boxing). A competition based goal could be something such as "I will win my bout by knockout'.

You must write down and continuously work towards achieving these goals. Do not hesitate from setting difficult goals for yourself. Goal setting gives you motivation to train your hardest. Add purpose to your workout by determining exactly what you wish to achieve with your training. Remember, performance is self-fulfilling, you get what you expect as an athlete.

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