Shock Treatment For The Legs

Regardless of your competition, you will require tremendous power from your legs. The legs carry you from Point A to Point B. In boxing, you generate powerful punches by thrusting and pivoting from your legs. Martial artists rely on their legs for powerful, explosive kicks. Wrestlers rely on leg strength to drive their opponents to the mat. Football players rely on explosive legs to power them across the field.

The legs are perhaps the most important functional muscle group in your body. There is no excuse to neglect your legs. If you wish to be successful in competition, you will need a powerful set of legs to motor you around.

I get sick to my stomach when I see people in the gym focusing all of their attention towards the upper body. These bench press junkies are only concerned with building their chests, as they walk the beach with pencil legs. A strong wind current could blow them away!

The moral to this story is that functional leg strength is paramount to the Warrior. No Warrior will be walking this battlefield with a pair of pencil legs.

Let's get started.

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Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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