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There are six primary nutrients that are essential for all Warriors. These nutrients are carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and water. Each of these nutrients assists in optimizing our physical fitness. Our intense training will deplete these nutrients, hence the importance of a scientific nutrition plan. When you lack these nutrients, your performance will suffer. I would prefer for my opponent to suffer!

As Warriors our nutritional demands will be much different from the "average" person. How many desk jockeys do you know who perform 500 Bodyweight Squats in a day? The average person sits on their ass while the Warrior stays busy performing squats and pushups! The only time we sit is on the downward portion of a One-Legged Squat! You must eat to maximize energy, promote recovery, restore vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and maintain your optimal weight. In addition, depending on your objectives, you may wish to either gain weight in the form of muscle mass or lose weight by decreasing body fat (or you may strive to achieve these two objectives simultaneously).

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