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We have all heard that "seeing is believing". This simple mantra conveys the importance of visualization. Visualization can be a powerful tool to help us achieve our goals.

Visualization involves imagining in your mind that you are actually performing. Through visualization, you actually see yourself in competition. You must relax, close your eyes, and envision yourself on the field. Visualization is a positive tool for athletes. It allows you to perform and plan in your mind before the competition takes place.

For example, before a fight, I will envision myself landing the knockout punch. I enter the competition inside my mind. I tap into all of my senses so that I can hear, see, and feel the fight.

Envision yourself at the competition. Replay in your mind what you must do to succeed. Visualize yourself both during your event and afterwards while celebrating. See how happy you are to win and do not allow anyone to take this image from you. Replay these thoughts in your mind until the time comes to turn these visions to reality.

Avoid visualizing negative occurrences. Such images will negatively influence performance. You must focus on the positive to succeed. Losers are negative, winners are positive. The more that you see yourself successful in your mind, the more likely you will succeed in actual competition. Mental rehearsal is one of the most powerful tools you can deploy to overcome failure and pressure on your road to greatness.

Do not underestimate the power of the mind. Positive thoughts breed positive results. Learn to train your mind as well as your body. I typically take 5-10 minutes each day to visualize and meditate. I convince myself throughout the day that I will succeed. I will not allow obstacles to stop me. I use obstacles as motivation to achieve my goals. When my goals have been met, I set new goals to push myself to new levels of performance.

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Universal Attraction Law

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