We Often Become What We Believe

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We often become what we believe - believe in yourself and you will accomplish your goals. There is no substitute for confidence. Know that you belong and always show your confidence.

Confidence is a very important concept. It is defined as "a feeling or consciousness of one's powers or of reliance on one's circumstances". Regardless of your goals in life, you must approach them with confidence. You must know that you have the ability to achieve anything. Your only limitations are those that you impose upon yourself.

If you do not believe you can become the best, you never will. You must train your mind to believe in yourself. You must believe you can accomplish any task that you focus your energy towards. A Warrior can achieve anything his heart desires.

Research has proven over and over again that we are more likely to succeed when we believe in our abilities. It is not a magical process, rather something that takes time. You do not gain confidence overnight. As you continue to train hard, you will notice adaptations in your body. You will gain muscle, lose fat, and increase stamina. By doing so, your mind will begin to believe in your newfound strength and power.

In competition, you must walk the field with a sense of confidence. If you are involved with martial arts, boxing, or wrestling, you must let your opponent "feel" your confidence. Mind power works both internally and externally. You have the ability to adjust the mindset of your opponent based on your actions. Intimidation is an effective weapon if you can use it. You can intimidate your opponent by showing your confidence. Walk tall with your head up. Look your opponent in the eyes. Let him know that you belong. Earn respect by taking control of the situation. Be the aggressor, mount the attack. The Warrior is assertive, never passive. Believe in yourself and take what is rightfully yours.

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