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Pa Kua Chang instructor Lo Te-Hsiu in a Hou T'ien Pa Kua posture

Lo's Martial Arts Training

Lo started his tournament fighting career in 1972. Between 1972 and 1974, studying the martial arts in order to learn how to win fights became his main priority. Whenever he was taught something new he immediately wanted to learn how it was applied in fighting. When Hung taught Hsing-I it was always in a fighting context, however Lo wanted to try and really understand what techniques worked and why and so he would ask Hung many questions about everything that he was taught. Lo states that he and about 5 other students at Hung's school spent most of their time investigating and practicing Hsing-I with fighting as the focus.

Hung recognized Lo's love for fighting. When visitors from outside came to check out Hung's school and wanted to test his students' skill, Hung usually sent Lo out to fight with them. Lo states that he did well against many of these visitors, however, there were some that he had some problems with and so he knew he would have to practice harder and continue to investigate the depth of the martial arts. Around 1974, in order to broaden his horizons, Lo began talking with other martial arts teachers around Taiwan. One of the first teachers he visited was Hung I-Hsiang's brother, Hung I-Mien. While at Hung I-Hsiang's school, Lo had mostly studied Hsing-I. When he met with Hung I-Mien he began to learn more about the other parts of Chang Chun-Feng's system, especially the Pa Kua Chang.

When Lo first started at Hung I-Hsiang's school he knew that Hung's teacher's name was Chang, but he did not know exactly who Chang was. He said that he remembers seeing Chang Chun-Feng walking around with a scowl on his face at tournaments, but did not put two-and-two together until later. Once he learned exactly who Hung's teacher had been he began to search for other students of Chang's. He discovered that among the group that had studied with Chang the longest, the three Hung brothers were the ones who had studied the most and had continued to practice and teach. Although Lo was still studying at Hung I-Hsiang's school, he would frequently go to where Hung I-Mien and Hung I-Wen were teaching and ask questions. He was determined to piece together Chang's entire system.

Lo states that each of the Hung brothers got something a little bit different from Chang and thus through investigating the methods of each brother, he was able to gain valuable insights. Lo feels that Hung I-Hsiang's strength was his sticking and infighting ability while Hung I-Mien was best at open sparring from a distance. When he visited with Hung I-Wen, he found his strong suit was in explaining the principles and theories of the art.

Between 1974 and 1975 Lo also spent time visiting with some of Chang's other senior students. Although many of Chang's early students did not practice much anymore, they could still answer questions about Chang's system and how it was taught. In talking with these early practitioners, Lo obtained information about the aspects of internal arts practice which Chang emphasized in his teaching. After questioning numbers of Chang's students, Lo discovered that Chang taught his earliest students much differently than the later students. For the first five to ten years Chang was in Taiwan he always expected to return to the mainland. During this period of time Chang developed short, intensive programs for the students so that they could learn as much as possible before he left. Later, when Chang realized that he was not going back to the mainland, he taught more systematically.

Lo also discovered that each of Chang's students he talked with had developed what they had been taught differently. Even students of the same generation had interpreted what was taught to suit their body type and personal preferences. Just as the three Hung brothers had each got something a little different from Chang,

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