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Around 1954 Chang Chun-Feng privately published two books, one on Hsing-I which was simply called Hsing-I Ch'uan and another on Pa Kua Chang which was called Chou T'ien Shu (teaching of the I-Ching). These books were hand written by one of Chang's students, Ts'ai Wan-Ch'eng, who is now over 90 years old. The Pa Kua Chang book lists the names of 41 students who helped him compile the book, the Hsing-I book lists 28 names. While Chang's students had more to do with actually compiling these books than he did, Chang placed a signed photograph of himself and his "chop" in both books. Among the names included in the books are the three Hung brothers as well as one of Chang's earliest students Huang A-He.

The Pa Kua Chang book included much of the information which is contained in Kao I-Sheng's Pa Kua Chang book. Kao I-Sheng's original book, which he completed in 1936, was inherited by his student Liu Feng-Ts'ai when Kao died. Liu Feng-Ts'ai was the student who helped Kao write the book. Today this book is owned by Liu Feng-Ts'ai's grand-nephew Liu Shu-Hang. While I was visiting with Liu Shu-Hang in Tianjin in April, 1993, he was kind enough to let me look at Kao's book and take a number of photographs of its pages (see photo at right). The book is written in six volumes and contains detailed information on the Hsien T'ien and Hou T'ien Pa Kua as well as Hsing-I's five elements and a section on "health exercises." Comparing the contents of Kao's book with

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