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a hard piece of bread (steamed bun) down, sat on top of it, and began to meditate. After a while his wife got impatient and made a noise. Chang opened the door and saw her. She said, "Why did you sit on top of that piece of bread?" He said that he was practicing his Lung Men Ch'i Kung4. Because she was so curious and had seen him practicing, he began to teach her his ch'i kung.

Chang's Lung Men Ch'i Kung came from Yin Fu's lineage. Chang had portraits of Kao I-Sheng and Yin Fu hanging in his home. These portraits still hang in his house today and some who have seen them incorrectly assume that Chang's Pa Kua Chang came from both Kao and Yin Fu. Some have also assumed that these portraits indicate that Kao studied with Yin Fu. When I asked Chang's wife why there was a portrait of Yin Fu in the home, she said it was because Chang's ch'i kung came from Yin's lineage. In a back room of Chang's home there is also an alter and a tablet that bears the names of Tung Hai-Ch'uan, Yin Fu, and Kao I-Sheng. He had this tablet next to his alter to show respect to his kung fu ancestors.

Through the practice of his internal arts and ch'i kung

Chang developed internal strength which was legendary. He was known to have broken heavy hard wood staffs like they were toothpicks and could crush thick pieces of bamboo with his giant hands. It is said that he could also take a very thick rattan staff and, placing one end against the corner of the floor and wall and the other end on his belly (tan t'ien area), he could bend the staff's center to the floor. The staff Chang used to demonstrate this is still in his home. On one occasion when Chang was teaching on Round Mountain, someone came to test his skill. Chang told the visitor to spear him in the stomach with a staff. When the staff's tip hit his abdomen, Chang applied his internal tan t'ien strength and the man was knocked back about 6 feet.

Although Chang knew a number of weapons sets, he did not pass on this knowledge to many of this students. The weapons were the last thing that students learned and many of the students did not stay and study long enough to get the weapons from Chang. The weapons he taught to the students who progressed far enough to learn them were the staff, long spear, and Pa Kua straight sword. He also taught the large broadsword, the double sword and two man sword, but few learned these sets -his wife and his first disciple Hsu I-Fei may have been the only two. Chang's wife said that because the double sword and the large broadsword were very difficult, he didn't teach these weapons to many people. Chang's weapons still sit in a weapons rack in his home.

Many of Chang's early students also learned traumatology. Chang's knowledge of bone setting, Chinese medicine and Chinese herbs for traumatology was extensive. He knew that in the practice of martial arts, internal and external injuries were unavoidable and thought that students should have fundamental training in how to heal injuries. When he helped establish the Taiwan Provincial Martial Arts Association he recommended that they offer this training as part of curriculum. Chang often treated people and set bones.

Chang's wife began learning the bone setting and medicine 3 or 4 years after they had been married. He taught his wife how to make the herbal formulas and poultices. After apprenticing with her husband for a number of years she was also able to treat people. She

Chang with Han Ch'ing-T'ang (to Chang's right)

says that a few years ago she was hit by a car and broke her leg in several places. She reset the bones herself right after the accident occurred.

Chang's students say that he was a very strict teacher. There was a very serious atmosphere in the class. The students were not allowed to talk or joke. He had a quick temper and often used a rattan stick to press his point. If students practiced hard, he would instruct them in great detail. If students appeared lazy, he would hit them with his rattan stick in a heartbeat. Chang was also a hard working teacher who would lead the students through most exercises.

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