Changs Teaching Method

Chang Chun-Feng's internal arts program included Hsing-I Ch'uan, Pa Kua Chang, Hao style T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Ch'i Kung, and weapons. He had personally spent the most time studying and practicing Pa Kua Chang and thus Pa Kua was his favorite art. The two arts he is best known for are Pa Kua Chang and Hsing-I Ch'uan. Some say that because Chang was primarily a Pa Kua man, his Hsing-I Ch'uan had a Pa Kua flavor.

There are those who say that Chang had a strict teaching method whereby beginning students were required to start out in Hsing-I Ch'uan before they could learn Pa Kua Chang and then after learning Pa Kua Chang they could learn T'ai Chi Ch'uan. Chang's wife said that this isn't true. She said that his teaching sequence depended on the student. Some started with Hsing-I, others started with Pa Kua and many started with T'ai Chi. Chang held weekly group T'ai Chi Ch'uan classes at the Presidential Building in Taipei for students who were only interested in T'ai Chi. Today there is a plaque which hangs in Chang's home that was given to him by the T'ai Chi group. The plaque reads: "For martial ability one must have martial virtue. Righteousness is more important than skill. To respect the Way, one must first respect the teacher. He may readily teach, however the teaching should not be taken lightly."

Many of Chang's early students started out learning Hsing-I before they studied Pa Kua Chang. The most serious students, the ones whom had plans to teach these arts in the future, were probably told to learn in this i* m mjmBSm

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