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Tucker. Every explanation ended up with Bill getting hit two or three times. Although Hung was not hurting him, Bill was getting tossed around quite a bit. Hung loves to move to evade an attack, position his body at an optimum angle for counter attack and come in punching. His hands are very fast and skilled. He smoothly and continuously moves through an avoiding, joining, redirecting, and striking sequence with each of the opponent's attacks. After 20 or 30 minutes of asking questions and having Hung pop up out of his chair and say, "Let me show you how that is done," I started to feel sorry for Bill. In an attempt to give him a rest, I tried to redirect the conversation from Pa Kua technique to Pa Kua history or personalities. My attempt to give Bill a rest failed however because when I asked Hung about someone who had taught or practiced Pa Kua his response was, "Well let me show you how he fought" and again Bill would be attacked. When Hung I-Mien said that "you have to practice sparring, you can't talk about it," it was obvious that he practices what he preaches.

When practicing Pa Kua Chang sparring, Hung feels that it is important to practice with people who have good intentions. The partners should work to help each other improve. He recommends that students practice a lot of sparring in order to obtain the feeling of how to change and adapt to various situations, however when practicing the partners should be careful not to really hurt each other. He said that sparring partners should wear light gloves and not hit with full force. The importance of sparring practice is to learn how to adapt and flow smoothly from one technique to another with the varying situation, it is of little use if the sparring partners are out to see who is the "best." They should work with each other.

There is no use going straight in on someone who is big; move around and then hit their weak spots. Attack the eyes, throat, groin and nose. Be clever and use your head!

Hung also recommends that when sparring the student spar with partners of various sizes. He said that smaller people have to learn how to move around a lot and they have to use their head when fighting. The Pa Kua practitioner should learn how to use angles to avoid and then move in fast. His advice to small practitioners is, "Learn how to move and get through someone's defenses." He states, "There is no use going straight in on someone who is big, move around and then hit their weak spots. Attack the eyes, throat, groin and nose. Be clever and use your head!" He further states that you cannot punch a big guy in the body, they are more susceptible to an attack to the side or back. "You hit the places that are not protected by muscle or fat." Hung said that when he was at Chang's school, he had the opportunity to spar with Wang Shu-Chin on several occasions and really had to use his speed and agility to get out of Wang's way.

Although Hung I-Mien is retired and says that he does

Wang Shu Chin

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