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When Chang decided to start teaching martial arts full time he began to hold open classes in several locations around Taipei. He maintained his class on Round Mountain, but also began teaching near the Botanical Garden, at a location beside the Tan Shui River and in Shan Ch'ung's Chih An Hospital. He also taught near Huang A-Ho's home on Chung Shan North Road, Section 2. At this time he also founded the I Tzung Martial Arts Central School (I Tzung Kuo Shu Tsung Kuan).

When Chang started to teach openly there was a lot of opposition to what he was doing. The mainlanders did not want him teaching these arts to the Taiwanese. During that period of time, the mainlanders all thought that the stay in Taiwan was temporary. Many thought they should keep the arts to themselves. However, Chang needed money and he thought that the martial arts should be spread widely. He felt that passing on the martial art was more important than worrying about whether the students were Northern, Southern, Taiwanese or mainlanders so he taught the Taiwanese openly.

While the Taiwanese who studied with him appreciated his openness, the Taiwanese martial arts instructors had a different opinion. Prior to 1950 the majority of the martial artists in Taiwan practiced various Southern styles of Shaolin, White Crane, and Monkey Boxing. Few knew anything about Pa Kua, Hsing-I, or T'ai Chi and most teachers taught in private. They viewed their techniques and teaching methods as "secrets." There were not many martial artists who taught openly and in public places. Chang felt it was ridiculous to sneak around teaching behind closed doors and thus refused to do so. A number of the local martial arts teachers came to challenge this "outsider" who was teaching martial arts so openly. When challenged Chang would not try and hurt his opponent. His skill was such that he could easily control the challenger without seriously injuring them. People quickly acknowledged his skill and respected his moral integrity. His reputation grew and many wanted to study with him.

In 1951, Chang Chun Feng, Han Ch'ing-T'ang and others formally established the Taiwan Martial Arts Federation. Wang Cheng-Chang was elected president and Chang Chun-Feng was the executive chairman and chairman of the teaching committee. In conjunction with

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